Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Last Niece

At least, I assume she's the last one.  All the siblings have sworn off having more kids, so I think this is the last niece/nephew quilt I have to make until they go to college or get married or have their own babies.

This was for Daria, the sister of the Turtle Quilt Recipient, so I wanted them to kind of match. Continuing with the animal theme (their room is covered in a rainforest mural), I went with cats. An obvious rainforest animal choice, I know.  I had this great Japanese watercolor print with about six different cute cats on it from back in 2011 (you can't find it online anymore) and with just a quarter yard it was hard to get enough cats to fussy-cut.  If I'd had just a few more I might've made this quilt a tiny bit bigger. I centered the three inch cats in economy blocks:

and interspersed with the same blue as DJ's quilt:

Then added the same border as DJ's:

Finally, for the back, I had a scant three yards of this fabric that I fell in LOVE with - but I bought out the bolt and didn't have quite enough:

At quilt camp we headed to Marden's a super-discount fabric place, and I found bolt upon bolt of this stuff for $2.99 a yard, so I got four more yards.   A little overkill maybe, but I finished the back with no problems:

I also had left over solids and borders, so I added some pillowcases for both the Ds. Gotta keep that fabric stash under control.

All in all, it seems to be going over very well:


  1. Oh, how sweet to see it in use!!! Those cats are adorable and I love how these coordinate while still being different for each kid:-)

  2. Hurray for a save by Marden's!!! Both of these turned out super cute!