Wednesday, April 23, 2014

For Pleat's Sake - Take Two

You may remember these pretty purses I made last fall - free pattern here:

It was a lovely, springy patterned purse just in time for the snow.  In December, I set aside the perfect fabric to make a more winter-appropriate version of this bag, but never got around to it.  I gave away the original with red handles but had ordered an extra set for the next version of this purse, and last week they fell off the table, so I knew it was time.

In keeping with the tradition of sewing seasonally inappropriate things, I made a bag with snow-covered trees on it. It's still 42 degrees here on some days, so I think I can get another month out of it.  Or call them Magnolias.

I love the way this one came out - true to the notes I made last time, this is 2/3 the original size, but still fits my laptop perfectly.  I also used a lining that matched the handles and sewed them on with a denim needle, sooo much easier and more professional looking than what happened before. I also thought I wanted a pocket, and I don't really know how to do pockets, so I just sewed two pieces of fabric together, turned it inside out, and sewed it to the lining.  I don't think that's really right, but it was fast, and as it turns out, I don't use it anyway. If you happen to know of a good pocket tutorial, feel free to leave a link in comments!

Very happy with this one:


  1. You know, apple trees have white blossoms, and cherry trees, and a few others I'm sure, so you can definitely get a few more months out of it! And that's how I usually do pockets too - or even lazier, only sew the two pieces together at the top, then capture the other edges in the lining. Sometimes, I just fold a piece of fabric in half!

  2. It looks really professional - especially the pleats! I love when I see posts of people making items for themselves- it's kind of rare.

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