Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Hills Are Alive

I've always had a thing for dressing twinsies.  It wasn't like my mom purposely dressed me like my sister, but I think I kind of wanted her to, and if there happened to be identical swimsuits on sale...  I remember the year my mom got all four of us the same pair of blue Nikes with yellow swooshes and I repeatedly pointed out to strangers that we had matching shoes. I'm sure my brothers really appreciated that.  I was the youngest, and very shy, so I felt proud when people associated me with my super-athletic brothers and my overachieving sister.

Or maybe I'm overanalyzing and everyone raised in the '70s on The Sound of Music wanted to dress like their siblings after seeing the play clothes Fraulein Maria made from old curtains:

Speaking of which, I was shocked and saddened to learn from an Austrian friend that not only has no one in Austria ever heard of this movie, but there is not a traditional folk song called Eidelweiss that brings grown men to tears and fomented Austrian resistance against the Nazis.

And before you make fun of my ignorance, according to the internet, I'm not alone (and look! I learned to take a screenshot!):

I have to admit, I have an urge to push this dress-alike thing on my daughter even though I KNOW it's lame to dress your baby like you.  And yes, I indulge occasionally, though I try to limit myself to footwear.

That said, I'm sorry J doesn't have a sibling (although after looking through this post, I bet she's not) and I try to make up for it with cousin connections. She'll wear anything if you tell her Daria has one too.

I have a lot of this leftover from Daria's quilt:

So I made her a little nightgown to go with it:

Box pleats, very curtain-y. Once Josie saw it and learned it was a Daria nightgown, she needed one too.

Now if I can just get her to sing "The sun has gone to bed and so must I."


  1. Alas! I love TSOM and am shocked to learn that Edelweiss isn't an Austrian anthem! Well the von Trapps were a real family that ended up in Vermont, but the names are different. I'm not even sure they got the number of kids right in the movie! Cousins are fun, too. Wasn't there an old TV show about cousins? Super cute nightgown!

    1. Thanks! I know the real story ended up being kind of tragic with Maria sounding a bit manipulative and a lot of family fighting and people left out of wills, but the movie sure made it look fun!

  2. Oh This was so adorable! Your little one is precious! Love that match y-match shoes :-). Cousins are siblings too right ...actually better in some ways ;).

    Sorry to hear about the Austria song. You know what I have seen Indian culture depiction in movies here and that's really far from truth. So, I can relate to that ;).

    1. Thanks Hema, she certainly is enjoying it! I really should have known it wasn't an Austrian song since it was all in English, but somehow it hadn't occurred to me!

  3. We are that family, siblings matching, Mommy/daughter dresses, the whole family matching when we go on vacation... rock it as long as you can:-) Especially when the clothes (and shoes) are as cute as those!!!

    1. Well it's at least nice to know I'm in good company!