Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vivian, Redux

Remember Vivian

Well, Boom.

And Boom.

Maybe not the most flattering pose for ladies in their forties. Let's try it standing up.

Hood Up Vivian

Hoods up Katie and Julie

Both of us are very happy with the outcome, but we still appreciate a little affirmation, so feel free to compliment us next time you see us wearing our sweaters (which will be the next time you see us since neither of us plans to remove the sweater, ever).

I guess these aren't *technically* done, since neither of us has been able to find the right color zipper in the right length, but I did reach my goal of finishing the knitting in September.  I don't think these pictures really do either sweater justice, but had to get this up and move on!

 Final assessment: Hate the pattern, not the sweater.