Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Year of the Snake (Babies)

Who isn't having a baby this year?  I feel like there's a Jessica Simpson around every corner.  The people I know who have been trying for awhile and those who were just starting to contemplate motherhood all hit the jackpot recently.  I am not complaining - having had a hard time getting pregnant myself, there are few things that make me happier than seeing a pot belly caused by a baby, whether I know the lady sporting it or not.  Anyway, I am happy (but a little panicked) to note that out of my good friends, three are expecting before May (and that doesn't include the one who could be adopting at any time!).

I needed a break from the niece/nephew quilts anyway- I'm totally stuck on the front of my third, I just cart the pieces around the house (up to the attic, down to the bedroom, back of the couch, kitchen counter, next to the TV) mumbling about how I "REALLY need to finish this f*&%*r." But with the x-mas deadline now long gone, I've set her April b-day for my next goal and am moving on to other things.

So, what have I been doing with my time?  I wrote a book!  That's right, finished it, just working on jacket design and illustration for February publication.  Granted it's a 'quiet book' and is only six sentences long.  And by finished I mean the text is written.  And by publish I mean give to the new mom.  Not a lot done yet but here are some middle pages.  Half a sentence, anyway.

Totally on the edge of your seat, eh?  Trying to do a page a day, so more coming soon!   If anyone knows where I can get a decent acrylic mirror to sew in, PLEASE let me know.  I found a really foggy one at Joann's and a round cardboard variety, but I'd like the book to be washable.  The internet is failing me here.

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