Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Passing on the Patchwork

When I was eight and sick in bed with the chickenpox for a week, a friend of the family sent me this quilt: (after reading this post my mom informs me I received this for a baby present - so I guess I just first APPRECIATED it during that chicken pox week!)

I loooooved it, but more than the top I loved the back that (back in the day) was jet black with tiny flowers.  When I pulled the covers over my head the light would shine through and the flowers were like stars in the sky.

Cotton sure does fade over the years, but not that red acrylic yarn used to tie it!  As I've gotten into quilting this year I wanted to make similar quilts for my nieces, and I wanted to start with the back fabric since that was the part I loved best in my quilt.  I finally decided on this:

It's Kaffe Fassett's Fan Flower.  I'm not usually one to pay attention to fabric names/designers, but when I ran out fabric for the back of these quilts I spent a frenzied hour on the internet discovering they don't make it anymore!  These sisters like matching everything - if you vary too much one sister always suspects the other got the better deal, so I knew the backs needed to match.  This is what I ended up with:

And for the front, which I have a feeling will end up being the back, considering how much little girls love their names, I did this with shott cottons, which I'd never heard of before I fell in love with this post. 

Ha, and all together now...

I'm excited to lint roll the cat hair off these puppies and get them in the mail!


  1. Totally gorgeous. Love the photography, too. Was it cloudy out?

  2. Those look good enough to fly on!